Services for Every Problem

At Midwest Pain Intervention, we know that chronic pain can be debilitating. But we also know that not all pain requires the same treatment to solve. Dr. Madison has been working with clients who suffer from all manner of problems and ailments. With nearly 25 years of experience helping those in need, he is well qualified to fix your specific problems.

We only use the latest technology, tools, and techniques to eliminate pain, including the following:

  • Medication Management

• Antidepressants
• Anti-inflammatories
• Muscle relaxers
• Narcotics when medically necessary
• Drug detoxification
  • Spinal cord stimulation for intractable pain

  • Morphine pumps

  • Epidural endoscopy

  • Career pain management

  • Epidural and peripheral nerve blocks

  • Crysotherapy

  • Medication contracts with patients

  • Rehabilitation services

  • Psychotherapy

  • Nutritional counseling and medical weight loss

  • Disc nucleoplasty

  • Cell therapy

  • Anti-aging

  • Acupuncture

Whether you suffer from foot problems, back aches, or migraines, we have the resources available to get you well. If you have traveled all over looking for a wellness center that can fix your problems but haven't found one that can do it all, you can end your search with us.

Paul C. Madison

Midwest Pain Clinic Interventional

Stem Cell Clinic at Midwest Pain Intervention: We are introducing the use of autologous stem cells to our practice. It has been paramount in helping many different disease entities. Our first focus will be on degenerative knees, hips, ankles, and shoulders. However, there are many other applications.

Intervention by stem cells primarily is done by adipose stem cells. Adipose stem cells are derived from your own stem cells and is a process where the fat stem cells are processed down to a stem cell component. The success rate with this technology has been extremely high. There are many studies that have been done that show that this is a conservative form of treatment for degenerative joint disease and other pain syndromes.

Platelet rich protein injections have been very helpful also, in reference to pain medicine. We are now offering this procedure at our clinic. Platelet rich proteins allow joints to stabilize and injured tissues to heal. It is very effective in the treatment of osteoarthritis and in patients who have lumbar radiculopathy and lumbar neuralgias who have been non responsive to epidural therapy, or still want to maintain a conservative treatment plan.

The other two features of platelet rich protein are called the “O” shot for men and women. This is an office based procedure and is now being offered at our clinic. These injections have many benefits, but are mainly designed to replenish sexual function.